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    For the past several years, the 8th Doctor has had his own separate series of adventures, often running monthly for six months out of each year, done in the fast-paced style of the new TV series rather than in the 4-episode style of much of the original 26 season run. Even before Tom Baker’s big announcement, however, the decision was made to wrap up McGann’s ongoing story and put him back into a three four-part story a year rotation like the 5th, 6th and 7th Doctors. Now Big Finish has spilled the beans on the plans for McGann’s next audio stories, among others [LINK]:

    As you will see from the production details on the site, Sylvester McCoy’s latest batch of adventures take us up until September 2011. Following that, from October to December 2011, Paul McGann returns as the Eighth Doctor, with Julie Cox as new companion Mary Shelley. We were hoping to make this announcement exclusively in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine, but unfortunately, an over-enthusiastic cast member from one of these productions, included the news in his personal podcast!

    You may remember that the character of Mary Shelley originally featured in the Doctor Who story The Company of Friends. If you haven’t heard that one yet, you might like to catch up with it now. And look out for this week’s BF Podcast, in which Julie and Paul will be giving us a teaser of their new adventures.

    Following on from the Eighth Doctor adventures, January 2012 sees the beginning of a new mini-season of Sixth Doctor adventures starring Colin Baker. They run from January to March. ‘We’re not revealing which companion Colin is travelling with yet,’ says Nick. ‘But brace yourselves for something new and exciting.’

    For a review of Mary Shelley’s appearance in Company Of Friends, here’s a link to last year’s review of that story on theLogBook.

    Another little hint: I’m working on the next theLogBook.com interview as we speak, with someone who’s done quite a bit of work with Big Finish. Watch this space…

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