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    After some significant rethinking (and gene-splicing some DNA and already-finished production stuff I’d done for another podcast that eventually died of being too complicated to schedule), I’ve launched a more general-interest podcast into the world.

    Hopefully Flack won’t be too upset if I describe this as “You Don’t Know Earl”. That’s really what it’ll probably wind up being. (Though I’ll warn you up front that episode two will be all about Rogue One.) I’m already outlining shows about my radio/TV days, Jump Cut City, self-publishing, being in godawful bands in high school, the BBS days, underappreciated/guilty-pleasure movies, and other topics. Flack will probably still have the lock on retro, tech, and/or retro-tech topics though.

    I don’t know if this will be monthly, every other month, or if it’ll be one podcast too far for everyone. Let me know if you have any thoughts. The outline for the first episode came out of nowhere, which is kind of how I intend the show to be going forward – just a little bit random. Really, the big thing is (at least for me), it’s not locked to one topic – Odyssey2 games, soundtracks, etc. – because a lot of what I already do is kind of narrowcasting.


    Jammed out a second episode on Sunday while the kids were having Christmas dinner with the other side of the family. I don’t really plan on this being a twice-a-month thing under normal circumstances, but…Rogue One!

    Beware that even some of the links on the show page may spoil elements of the movie.

    But there’s also a fair bit of waffling on about premiere dates around Arkansas, action figures, extinct retail chains, and, yes, ELO.

    Yes, those are the “Death Star plans” you find inside the original Kenner 12″ scale R2-D2. 😆


    I’ve been drawing up a list of topics for This Tape…what do you want to hear about next? None of these are even fully outlined, just a slightly disjointed list of possible topics cut-and-pasted from my planning file:

    Tales from the Pantry – stories from 501 Garrison #2: weird neighbors, drunks, tornadoes, blackouts

    Underappreciated Star Wars – Marvel comics, Meco, the SW Q&A book of space, “The Story of Star Wars” LP, NPR radio drama, and yes, even the Holiday Special.

    Student Newspapers – Kimmons, NHS, Westark, the original (and later) LogBook ‘zine, font fetishism, all of it leading up to a job doing catalogs and actual retail packaging.

    Jump Cut City – making movies – really bad ones – with a camcorder…and 2 VCRs…and an Apple II…in the 1980s and early ’90s. Lots and lots of soundbites.

    Later Statements & Possible Warnings – growing up in tornado alley, old school tornado warnings, surviving the ’96 tornado, bad weather from inside the world of broadcasting.

    3¾“ and the Truth – old action figure lines that weren’t Star Wars, but got mixed in with Star Wars anyway: Black Hole, Buck Rogers, Micronauts, Tron, Star Trek TMP, ‘70s Galactica, etc.

    Self-Publishing – what I’ve learned about self-publishing, including the forehead-slappingly stupid mistakes.

    Sitting In A Small Padded Room and Talking To Myself – stories from radio and voice-overs, both tech talk and war stories. Lots and lots of old and very weird commercials to break things up.

    ATDT15014521700 – PMS? Scorpio Stargate? 10538 Overture? SnAPP? They were all my bulletin board systems in the 1980s. BBS stories of both my boards and others’ – Jeff Willard’s play-by-message RPGs, hacking stories, from 300 baud to 19.2K and so on. +++

    Hail Britannia – tales of the early Ultima games on the Apple II: Akalabeth, Ultima I, II, III, IV and V. Can I manage to get Lord British on the show? Probably not, but tune in and find out. (some of these have been covered in the PDF videos)

    Inside the Tube, Part 1 – the KPBI / KFDF years of TV, from board-opping (with half a night of training!) to doing stuff the Pharis way (“building shows”, Video Toaster, etc., and how all this led to…

    Inside the Tube, Part 2 – the WACY years of TV: making Invasion plans, raising the station’s ratings, turning down an offer to go to L.A. to do it all at the network level, and falling back to Arkansas for…

    Inside the Tube, Part 3 – the KHBS years: news promos, arguing over ten-dollar words, creating spots with no footage at all, consultant BS (“the ultimate injury: death!”), leaving, coming back, being phased out.

    Odd Jobs – what I’ve done after the TV years: shady call center, hospital IT from the delivery room to the morgue, and being a human prop for the National Guard.

    Making Music – being in crappy ‘80s style bands, being in halfway decent ones, not doing a terribly good job of playing live, being ridiculously pleased at having a 4-track recorder, plenty of old Satan Brothers and Greenskulls songs to break this one up.

    Emulation – discovering MAME and Stella in the late ‘90s, how this actually fueled non-emulated game collecting, the point at which I decided emulation was good enough and I could flip the collection. (Will probably do in a future PDF video instead)

    Other possible topics:

    • Space exploration fixation
    • Growing up as that one kid who was really into British TV (Dr. Who, Monty Python, etc.)
    • Interesting places I’ve lived (a.k.a. “Is this all…one…big computer?”)
    • Much-missed magazines (Electronic Games, Starlog, Future Life, etc.)
    • RPG memories (“Hey, Kool-Aiiiiiiid!”)
    • Apple II / Franklin ACE memories
    • Random access (ditching physical media in favor of a server)
    • Inevitable review of Star Trek: Discovery (may become a running gag while it’s on)
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    Looking forward to listening to the first two! I will add them to the queue. I really like the idea of this. I love You Don’t Know Flack, and I think this would be just as compelling. I would be interested in all of those ideas. I’m personally most interested in anything Trek-related. Also, your tornado and weather topics look very interesting as well.

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    I started scrolling through the list and immediately stopped when I realized I had at least two of these topics on my “to do” list and didn’t want to cross pollinate ideas.


    I say we coordinate…or collaborate…or…somethin’. There’s more stuff there than I’m going to get to in 2017.

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    The media server episode is up, or, as I call it, “an exercise in recording a podcast during a violent thunderstorm.” Strike that goal off the bucket list. 😆

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