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    The folks behind the official Doctor Who magazine must’ve gotten worried about that one five-minute period when I was #3000 on the Amazon UK bestseller list. [LINK]

    ‘Doctor Who – The Complete History’ Book Collection takes you behind the scenes of the world’s longest running science fiction series. From William Hartnell’s debut as the First Doctor in 1963, right up to Peter Capaldi’s adventures as the Twelfth Doctor, you’ll discover how each story was brought to the TV screen. You can relive your favourite adventures and discover the ones you’ve yet to see.

    It’s a partwork – basically, a high-end periodical. Every two weeks they send out a different hardcover volume which, by the sound of it, will come out in no particular order. There will be at least 80 volumes.

    I was almost worried about this signaling the end of the window of opportunity for self-published Doctor Who reference books – a field that does not just include me – but being billed for a hardcover book every two weeks? This isn’t something a lot of people will be able to afford, especially outside the UK.

    I’m pretty sure I’m still in business. 😆

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