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    One of the absolute best 1980s Doctor Who scores is finally coming to CD. It’s already in the Store ahead of its mid-September release.


    1. Doctor Who (Opening Theme) – Keff McCulloch
    2. Car Wash, With Kitling
    3. Tin Cans, Stray Cats And Horses
    4. Cat Food
    5. Where Is Everyone?
    6. Tin Opener
    7. Park Chase, And The Alien Planet
    8. An Unexpected Pleasure
    9. Planet Of The Cheetah People
    10. Two Pints
    11. Playing With Fire
    12. Valley Of Cats
    13. The Living Planet
    14. We Shall Become Animals
    15. Ace And Karra
    16. Go Home
    17. I Will Be Free Of It
    18. Come Hunting, Sister
    19. Midge And The Bad Cat Man
    20. On Horsenden Hill
    21. Tooth And Claw
    22. Run For Ever
    23. “…And Somewhere Else The Tea’s Getting Cold”
    24. Doctor Who (Closing Theme) – Keff McCulloch

    Just as Survival was almost like a “pilot from the future” hinting at some of the things that Doctor Who would become in the 21st century, the music was also quite a shock to the system with its sinister wailing guitar work and dissonant strings.

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