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    It may or may not be another sign of Doctor Who’s universe contracting, but the American-centric Doctor Who Insider magazine, put together by the publishers of the UK Doctor Who Magazine (DWM) for an American audience, has folded at issue #9. The publisher is offering to refund subscribers’ money, or to allow them to have DWM for the remainder of their subscription.

    I truthfully never “got” why there needed to be a separate magazine over here. From the one issue I picked up and examined at Hastings a few months back, it looked like they were repurposing content from DWM into a busier, more crowded, less attractive layout – think of the godawful nearly-random layout of some sections of Entertainment Weekly, spread out across the entire magazine and devoted only to Doctor Who. It’s like there’s a perception of the American periodical consumer as an attention-deficit-disorder poster child who wants his publications to look like a badly organized web page from 1995.

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    A lot of magazines used to do that sort of thing. MacWorld used to repurpose articles for their UK counterpart for example (although the US version didn’t have the great coverdiscs the UK issues had). I wonder if it had anything to do with the cost of importing the UK magazine into the US. The UK magazine is fine for me. Plus it occasionally comes with a few perks, like the issue I bought that had a blue bow-tie inside and some buttons. US magazines rarely get good stuff like that (mainly because the animals looking over the magazine racks would just tear them open and steal the stuff, like videogame coverdiscs used to vanish from my store on a regular basis back in the day).

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