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    Almost a decade before reviving the show on TV, Russell T. Davies wrote one – one! – Doctor Who New Adventures novel, Damaged Goods. Now Big Finish is adapting it for audio. [LINK]

    Damaged Goods, the Doctor Who novel written by Russell T Davies a decade before he became showrunner on the TV series, is being adapted as a full cast audio by Big Finish Productions. The two-hour adaptation is written by Jonathan Morris, and will be released in August 2015…

    ‘I’ve always been a huge fan of Big Finish, since long before I took the big chair on Doctor Who. And long after!’ says Russell. ‘So when they asked if they could adapt Damaged Goods… well, to be honest, I asked them what took so long!

    ‘Jonny has done the most brilliant job, adapting the novel – there’s lots of fascinating new stuff, while staying very true and faithful to the original story. At last, Mrs Jericho lives! And that other Tyler family, the original Tylers, Bev and her mum Winnie, with little Gabriel and his mysterious gift. In fact, all the inhabitants of Red Hamlets are finding their voices, after all this time. Ever since that terrible bargain was struck by Bev’s mum, on that dark Christmas Eve, long ago.’

    Sylvester McCoy plays the Seventh Doctor, who is accompanied in his travels by companions Chris Cwej and Roz Forrester – although the casting of these roles has yet to be announced.

    ‘It was genuinely thrilling to be asked to adapt Damaged Goods,’ adds Jonathan. ‘An honour, and a great responsibility to do justice to Russell’s extraordinary novel and to not disappoint fans of the New Adventures. I pulled out all the stops to capture the spirit of the novel, the character and Russell’s voice, and the end result is undoubtedly the best Big Finish script I’ve worked on.’

    I’m interested to hear the casting on Cwej and Roz. It’s one of those things where I know what they sound like in my head, does everyone else hear them the same way?

    Steve W
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    Of course, this begs the question – if the book was so good, why didn’t he make it into an episode of the show while he was in charge of the TV production? He made a different DW book into two barely passable episodes, after all.

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