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    Not available for Amazon pre-order just yet, but if you’re trying to get a jump on the limited vinyl edition (300 copies!?), here’s the [LINK].


    The drama series Class, spinning out of the world of Doctor Who and written by acclaimed YA author Patrick Ness made its debut on BBC3 in 2016. The eight part series centred around Coal Hill School in Shoreditch, which has been a part of the Doctor Who Universe since the very beginning.
    Blair Mowat has composed well over a hundred scores for film, theatre and television, with clients ranging from the English National Ballet and The Royal Shakespeare Company to the likes of the BBC and Channel 4. He is a BAFTA nominated, 4Talent short-listed, award-winning composer.

    Patrick Ness says: “I loved making Class. Loved it. I’m so proud of the episodes we made and of the Class love I still get regularly from fans wanting more. One thing they always ask about is Blair’s music. Propulsive, atmospheric, super-exciting, sometimes seeded with Doctor Who Easter Eggs if you’re listening close enough, the clever boy. Music was very important to me on the show (I hand-picked the theme song and will argue with you about it), and Blair was a perfect fit. We even wrote a song together! Which, given my singing non-abilities, is hilarious. I’m thrilled that his music is finally available.”

    The vinyl edition is strictly limited to 30 copies on blue and orange marbled vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with an insert. The artwork was created specially for this release by Jonny Eveson.



    1. The Shadow Kin
    2. Quill’s Got a Gun
    3. Rhodia
    4. Death Awaits Us
    5. The Doctor Will See You Now
    6. Aftermath
    7. Time Has Looked At Your Faces
    8. Night Music
    9. The Cabinet of Souls
    10. Back To School
    11. Once Upon A Time In The Classroom
    12. Chasing The Dragon
    13. Dragon Attack
    14. Reflections
    15. Strands From The Rift
    16. April’s Past
    17. Gathering Strength
    18. Here She Comes in a Ruddy Great Bus
    19. Heavy Petal
    20. To Share a Heart
    21. Rescue
    22. Regicide
    23. Rise To Power
    24. First Steps
    25. Asteroid
    26. Angry Enough To Kill
    27. Charlie’s Angry, Charlie’s Winning
    28. Planet Of The Arn
    29. All Species Say That
    30. This Form I Wear
    31. Quill Vs Lore
    32. I Am War Itself
    33. The Lost
    34. Charlie Laying Down The Law
    35. We Are Academics
    36. Fight Music
    37. Finding Courage
    38. If They Die April Dies
    39. This Is The One You Will Not Tolerate
    40. Fight Till Your Last Breath
    41. Souls Released
    42. Governors Revealed
    43. Class Credits

    Bonus CD:

    1. Previously On Class
    2. Charlie Lives With Quill
    3. A Night Of Promise
    4. Corakinus Lives
    5. April’s Theme
    6. Ram Saves The Day
    7. New Beginning
    8. The Coach With The The Dragon Tattoo
    9. Cleaner Skin
    10. Tanya
    11. Missing Rachel
    12. Scooby Gang Skype Sesh
    13. I Was Nothing, I Was Weak
    14. Team Talk
    15. The Governors
    16. Nightvisitor/Tanya’s Dad
    17. Someone At The Window…
    18. Conversations With My Dead Father
    19. Ram On The Run
    20. Memories Of Dad
    21. Tentacles!
    22. The Cabinet Of Snooping
    23. Dorothea
    24. Evolutionary Mistake
    25. I Won’t Be Forced
    26. Charlie’s Choice
    27. I Think I Need Saving
    28. Quill Rage
    29. Meteor Strike
    30. Detained
    31. Don’t Let My Brain Get Fried
    32. When She’s Free
    33. They Made Me Used To It
    34. I Forgive You
    35. Tanya Wants To Use The Cabinet
    36. Walk & Talk
    37. Black Is The Colour
    38. Ep3 Preview
    39. Ep4 Preview
    40. Ep5 Preview
    41. Ep6 Preview
    42. Ep7 Preview
    43. Ep8 Preview
    44. Vivian Oprah Ep3 Vocal Experiment (Rough Demo)
    45. Remembrance of the Charlie Quill Theme (80s Remix)
    46. The End (Unused Alternative Ep8 Credits)

    The only thing missing is the title song, which I’m sure Silva didn’t feel like licensing.

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