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    From Frontier Records, Jeff’s new label*…

    * they’re based in Italy and specialize in “melodic hard rock.”


    Ubik! It’s time to reappraise Zoom*! [LINK]

    Just as the third quarter of 2012 brought three exciting works from JEFF LYNNE–his second solo album Long Wave, the freshly recorded Mr. Blue Sky–The Very Best Of Electric Light Orchestra and the illuminating documentary “Mr. Blue Sky: The Story of Jeff Lynne and ELO”–2013 will be marked by more treats from the creative force of ELO and one of rock’s most iconic figures.

    On April 23 in the U.S. (and April 19 in Europe), Frontiers Records will release three albums: ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA LIVE and two reissues, ELO’s ZOOM (remastered and including a brand new track) and his debut solo album ARMCHAIR THEATRE (also remastered, with two new brand new tracks). It’s all part of the 40th anniversary of ELO, who’ve sold 50 million-plus records worldwide. These releases will all feature new packaging and the LIVE CD will come in a special ecobook edition.

    ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA LIVE hasn’t been issued as an album until now. Taken from a 2001 performance for a PBS television special in Los Angeles at CBS Television City, the music was released as a DVD that year. The new hits-packed CD offers fans six tracks that weren’t on the DVD (“Stranger on a Quiet Street,” “In My Own Time,” “Really Doesn’t Matter,” “A Long Time Gone,” “Melting in the Sun,” and “All She Wanted”) as well as two new, unreleased studio tracks, “Out of Luck” (recorded in 2010) and “Cold Feet” (recorded in 1992). Although the singularly accomplished British singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer has always preferred the creative experience of the recording studio, he is a compelling performer who’s always figured out ways to bring his distinctive widescreen musical universe to life onstage when he needed to.

    ELO’s ZOOM–unavailable for over 10 years–has been remastered and features a brand new track, “One Day” (recorded in 2004) as an added bonus, along with live versions of “Do Ya” and “Turn To Stone” from the ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA LIVE show. At the time of its original release in 2001, LYNNE hadn’t issued an ELO album since 1986’s Balance of Power. He called upon notable friends for a little help, enlisting contributions from longtime ELO member Richard Tandy as well as good friends George Harrison and Ringo Starr. The result is an album rich in that distinct ELO sound–classic LYNNE melodies and songwriting, foot-stomping rock anthems and sweet, sexy strings.

    LYNNE’s first solo album, 1990’s ARMCHAIR THEATRE, is a melting pot of different styles and influences featuring unexpected collaborations with LYNNE’s heroes and close friends, including Tom Petty, Richard Tandy and George Harrison. This reissue, unavailable for the last decade, includes two previously unreleased bonus tracks, “Borderline” and “Forecast” (both recorded in 1989). Interestingly, the album also features a few notable covers–“Don’t Let Go,” “Stormy Weather” and “September Song”–that demonstrated LYNNE’s flair for covers two decades before the release of 2012’s acclaimed Long Wave. Suitably, the core of the album is LYNNE himself, though he also left room for the contributions of a few friends and fellow travelers. Harrison contributed guitars and vocals on a number of tracks. Petty co-wrote “Blown Away,” a gorgeously romantic ballad. Longtime ELO band member Richard Tandy also contributed on keyboards and other instruments. ARMCHAIR THEATRE captures the musical genius of JEFF LYNNE when–perhaps more than ever before–the world was his stage.

    The live album has already been released on DVD as “Zoom Tour Live”, and it’s a better live sound than you might be expecting if you haven’t seen that before.

    Things I have never heard before: Out Of Luck, Cold Feet, Forecast, One Day… DAMMIT JEFF!!

    P.S. In discussing George and Ringo working on Zoom, whoever wrote the press release totally missed a trick by not saying that Jeff got by with a little help from his friends… 😆

    * if, you know, you’re into that sort of thing


    Track listings:

    Electric Light Orchestra – Live

    1. Evil Woman
    2. Showdown
    3. Secret Messages
    4. Livin’ Thing
    5. Sweet Talkin’ Woman
    6. Mr. Blue Sky
    7. Can’t Get It Out Of My Head
    8. Twilight
    9. Confusion
    10. Don’t Bring Me Down
    11. Roll Over Beethoven
    12. Out of Luck (Bonus)
    13. Cold Feet (Bonus)

    I don’t recall seeing/hearing Secret Messages on the DVD, I need to double-check.

    Armchair Theatre

    1. Every Little Thing
    2. Don’t Let Go
    3. Lift Me Up
    4. Nobody Home
    5. September Song
    6. Now You’re Gone
    7. Don’t Say Goodbye
    8. What Would It Take
    9. Stormy Weather
    10. Blown Away
    11. Save Me Now
    12. Borderline (Bonus)
    13. Forecast (Bonus)

    Conspicuous by their absence: B-sides “Sirens” and “I’m Gone”


    1. Alright
    2. Moment in Paradise
    3. State of Mind
    4. Just for Love
    5. Stranger on a Quiet Street
    6. In My Own Time
    7. Easy Money
    8. It Really Doesn’t Matter
    9. Ordinary Dream
    10. A Long Time Gone
    11. Melting in the Sun
    12. All She Wanted
    13. Lonesome Lullaby
    14. One Day (Bonus)
    15. Turn to Stone (Live From CBS Television City) (Bonus)

    Conspicuous by absence: Japanese exclusive track “Long Black Road” (actually a really neat little tune – very atypical sound for Jeff)

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