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    Oh dear. This could get expensive. [LINK]

    For the next seven days, Big Finish make 75 of their Doctor Who main range tales available at special offer prices…

    From today until mid-day (UK time) on Monday 20th February, we have an epic run of Doctor Who – Main Range titles available at the discounted prices of £5 on Download or £6 on CD each: going from November 2003’s Doctor Who – The Wormery through to September 2009’s Doctor Who – Paper Cuts. That’s nearly six years of Doctor Who at Big Finish!

    If you can get over the painful arm-twist that is the shipping charge (that wasn’t there the last time I ordered physical product from Big Finish…), these are pretty good deals even on CD – the £6 translates to $7.50 for a 2-CD story. My recommendations:

    • Scherzo
    • Arrangements For War
    • The Harvest (introduces Hex, the 7th Doctor’s new companion)
    • Medicinal Purposes (guest starring a pre-Ten David Tennant)
    • Thicker Than Water (sequel to Arrangements, above)
    • LIVE 34 (very Max Headroom, very relevant right now)
    • The Settling (I really like the 7th + Ace + Hex combo, a lot)
    • Red (really unnerving McCoy story)
    • The Reaping (guest starring Claudia Christian of Babylon 5 fame)
    • The Gathering (Tegan’s back!)
    • Circular Time
    • The Girl Who Never Was
    • The Condemned
    • Forty-Five (the 45th anniversary story, believe it or not)
    • Patient Zero
    • Paper Cuts

    …and of course, the third story in the Patient Zero / Paper Cuts / Blue Forgotten Planet cycle is still full price. I see what you did there, Big Finish.

    The Girl Who Never Was + The Condemned represent a magnificent plot twist that only Big Finish could have pulled off; I’ll say no more. It simply couldn’t be done on TV. You have to get them together to fully appreciate it.

    Medicinal Purposes brings the Burke & Hare graverobbing story into the Doctor Who mythos, and Tennant’s going full Scot through the whole thing.

    If you can get only one, get LIVE 34.

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