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    And another! This one is Night of the Stormcow, the “subscriber bonus” that comes free with the December release, 1001 Nights. [LINK]

    @Big Finish wrote:

    Night of the Stormcrow finds the Doctor and Leela trapped on a mountain in a storm and while around them the locals go mad or fight for supremacy, all are awaiting the arrival of a terrible creature known as Stormcrow…

    Night of the Stomcrow is written by Marc Platt, directed by Nicholas Briggs, and guest stars Chase Masterson (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) and Ann Bell (Tenko, The Forsyte Saga). All subscribers whose subscription includes December release 1001 Nights will also receive a copy of this story absolutely free! Alternatively, you may ask for it as your free CD or download with any 12-month main range subscription, or pre-order the story now! It will be released in December 2013.

    Wow, when did Chase Masterson become part of the Big Finish Rep company? (Not that I mind; feel free to put her on the cover more often!)


    The cover for the March 2013 Tom Baker release…

    Presumably it’s a follow-up to The Sands Of Life, since it looks like it has the same cast. Plus… some sea life.


    From “oh, the huge manatee!” we go to… Daleks. Now this oughtta be a good trick. [LINK]

    @Big Finish wrote:

    The adventures of the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker, who played the role on TV from 1975-81) and his companions Romana (Mary Tamm, 1978-79) and robot dog K-9 (John Leeson, 1977 to present day) reach a thrilling climax next year in a new battle with the Daleks.

    The Dalek Contract is the first of two releases that finds the travellers caught between the Daleks, galactic businessman Cuthbert (played by David Warner, whose many film credits include Titanic) and a group of rebel fighters on a snowbound alien world.

    “I can’t say too much about this one,” says producer David Richardson, “as it’s a culmination of threads that are set up earlier in the series. But, as it’s written and directed by Nicholas Briggs, you are guaranteed some stand-out Dalek action sequences and an emotional roller-coaster ride.

    “Plus it’s the first and only time that the first Romana and K9 have met the Daleks. K9 against the Daleks – how irresistible is that!”

    But… when the next regeneration of Romana meets the Daleks in her very first story (Destiny Of The Daleks), she’s never met them before. Right? Even though the thought of K-9 going all maximum-defense-mode on the Daleks is kind of fun.

    There’s also a new Night Of The Stormcrow trailer here.


    Never mind the Daleks, it’s the Sex Pistols! Okay, not really.

    @Big Finish wrote:

    Tom Baker (the Fourth Doctor on TV, 1975-81), Romana (Mary Tamm, 1978-89) and K9 (John Leeson, 1977-present day) become embroiled in an epic battle with the Daleks in the second season finale of The Fourth Doctor Adventures.

    The Final Phase is released in July 2013, and also features David Warner (Titanic, The Omen) and Toby Hadoke (Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf, My Stepson Stole My Sonic Screwdriver) reprising their recurring roles of Cuthbert and Mr Dorrick. Nicholas Briggs (Doctor Who, Torchwood) is the Voice of the Daleks.

    The second season of The Fourth Doctor Adventures is now available for pre-order.

    K-9 has outlasted everybody, man. 1977-present day.

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    Also, Mary Tamm should be listed as (1978-79) instead of (1978-89). However, that would be cool if a companion lasted more than two doctors.

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    PHANTOMS OF THE DEEP: Loved this a lot. Tom, Mary, John, the guest cast, the dialog, the script, the jokes, the small nod to Tomorrow People. Five out of five. BUT is no one going to acknowledge VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA as a source? Come on? !

    Let’s see: giant intelligent squids or octopus, an alien craft at the bottom of the sea…the same trench used in the movie of VOYAGE and a few episodes, a giant jelly fish!, a mini sub, a rope tied to the sub to pull people out of a dangerous situation, an ancient sub from 1941 with still alive crewmember!, shaking, explosions, airlock danger, a dangerous vampire squid…it’s just about a crossover story!


    Louise Jameson has just joined a very very small group of people: Doctor Who actors who have written stories for themselves. (Actually, I think it’s just her, Colin Baker, and the late Ian Marter; Colin wrote a sixth Doctor comic and Ian wrote a novel centered around Harry Sullivan post-UNIT.) [LINK]

    Louise Jameson has made her Doctor Who writing debut, scripting an audio for the upcoming third season of The Fourth Doctor Adventures for Big Finish. The actress, who plays Leela opposite Tom Baker, has written the seventh story in the season, The Abandoned, collaborating with Nigel Fairs. It will be released in July 2014.

    “We all know that Lou is a really brilliant and confident actor,” says producer David Richardson, “but it’s been a joy to learn that her skill set also extends into great scriptwriting. I saw My Gay Best Friend, the stage show she wrote with Nigel Fairs, and was deeply impressed by its wit, charm and depth of emotion. And when, shortly afterwards, Louise asked if we might consider her writing a Doctor Who, the reply was an instant ‘yes’.”

    “Wow!” adds Louise. “I can’t believe that the idea I pitched to Big Finish was accepted, and here it is completed. Huge thanks to Nigel Fairs for co-creating. No spoilers, but… beware your own mind…”

    Following Doctor Who: The Abandoned, the final story of the season is Doctor Who: Zygon Hunt by Nicholas Briggs, which finds the Fourth Doctor and Leela facing the alien shapeshifters on a world where humans are hunting a Skarasen. The guest cast includes Michael Maloney as Gregor Saraton (Bonekickers, The Forsyte Saga) and Gillian Kearney (Casualty, Shameless, The Forsyte Saga) as Mina Challis.

    The Fourth Doctor amd Leela will then return in January 2015 for eight additional adventures, accompanied by John Leeson as K9.

    “These stories will be set during Season 15,” says executive producer Nicholas Briggs, “and include epic outer space adventures and gothic horror tales – and everything in between! There will be at least three returning enemies from the TV series, plus a friend you’ve met before in a Big Finish adventure. Recording is already underway, and it’s sounding great!”

    Man, they’re working the hell out of Tom, aren’t they? Though considering how many of his companions have left us in the past few years…


    Knock me over with an effing feather. 😮 [LINK]

    Tom Baker, Lalla Ward and John Leeson will return to the characters of the Doctor, Romana and K9 for a run of new full cast audio productions with Big Finish.

    “We are obviously thrilled,” says executive producer Nicholas Briggs. “It’s so exciting to be able to tell stories from another era of Doctor Who that we all love, with characters that worked so brilliantly together on screen. The Doctor and the Second Romana had such a lovely dynamic – two equals, out exploring the universe and having fun with the universe. There’s a lovely, unique spirit in their stories.”

    The trio will make their Big Finish debut together in January 2015, with the launch of a limited edition box set called The Fourth Doctor… by Gareth Roberts (also available as separate double disc releases). Gareth, of course, is now best known for his scripts for TV Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures, with acclaimed stories including The Shakespeare Code, The Lodger and Closing Time.

    “These will be adaptations of the Missing Adventures novels that Gareth wrote for these characters,” says producer David Richardson. “I read The Romance of Crime and The English Way of Death about a year ago, and completely fell in love with them. It had struck me that they would make great audio stories, and so when this team came aboard we approached Gareth for the rights to make them.

    “The Romance of Crime is an outer-space story set on a futuristic prison where the executed criminal Xais returns to wreak revenge. The English Way of Death is set in 1930, where an evil creature named Zodaal threatens the future of the world.

    “These stories have now been recorded, and they felt very special. John Dorney faithfully adapted them as four-part stories, and the guest casts are wonderful –Terrence Hardiman (Doctor Who: The Beast Below) is phenomenal as the evil Stackhouse, and wait until you hear Michael Troughton as flamboyant artist Stokes…”

    The cast for The Romance of Crime also includes Graham Seed (The Archers) as Pyerpoint and Marcus Garvey (Wolfblood) as Spiggot; the English Way of Death line-up also includes Richard Braine (Jeeves and Wooster) as Percy Closed, Abigail McKern (Rumpole of the Bailey) as Felicia, Annabel Mullion (Law and Order: UK) as Woodrow and Mark Bonnar (Doctor Who: The Almost People and The Rebel Flesh) as Porteus.

    Big Finish also hope at a later date to adapt Gareth’s novel The Well Mannered War, thus completing his trilogy of Fourth Doctor novels.

    And that’s not all…. Tom, Lalla and John have already started recording season five of The Fourth Doctor Adventures, which will be released in 2016. The run of eight stories will take them to 1960s London, Budapest, alien worlds… and complete a story arc that started some time ago.

    For Doctor Who fans, these are, as Paul Simon might sing, the days of miracles and wonders.

    Steve W
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    Gareth Roberts, of course, is now best known for his scripts for TV Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures, with acclaimed stories including The Shakespeare Code, The Lodger and Closing Time.

    Ummm…. not exactly a sterling track record. The Lodger was kind of fun but it took me a few seconds to dredge the other two up out of my memory (and getting the 1990s song Closing Time stuck in my head). The Shakespeare Code was utterly forgettable, and Closing Time had a fat buffoon defeat the Cybermen with the power of love. Ugh. Surely he’s done better work they could have cited.


    They’re adapting his best work into audio as we speak; it’s good stuff.

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