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    Big Finish has already made, in audio form, most of the missing episodes that would’ve originally made up the 1986 season of Doctor Who, before fate (and BBC1 controller Michael Grade) intervened, cancelled the show, hurriedly backpedaled and uncancelled it, and ordered the producer to abandon the existing scripts and do Trial Of A Time Lord. (I’ve got reviews of several of these “missing Colin Baker episodes” in the pipeline.) For an encore, Big Finish is fast-forwarding to 1990: the season of stories that would have been made if Doctor Who hadn’t been cancelled in 1989.

    A quick rundown of the news on the “missing McCoy episodes”…

    “Doctor Who was cancelled in 1989,” says Richardson, “but the production team already had plans for the following year. It’s been my pleasure to collaborate with script editor Andrew Cartmel, who is rebooting those original storylines together with the writers who had been pencilled in for the season. Script writing is underway – in fact, the second story is nearly finished – and we hope to record these in the early months of 2010.” The season also introduces a brand new Doctor Who companion – the young, sophisticated safecracker Raine.

    “We’ll probably start recording these stories in January 2010,” reveals the producer, “but I can reveal that the role of Raine has already been cast. More news on that, and the story details, will be revealed in the New Year.”

    Richardson reveals that ‘Season 27’ actually came together very quickly. “It seemed like it was meant to be. I was at the Regenerations convention in Swansea, and Sylvester McCoy came over and suggested that Big Finish should make his Lost Stories. Sophie Aldred was in the next room, so I texted her on my mobile, she joined us and committed to the idea instantly. Big Finish executive producer Jason Haigh-Ellery was there and gave the green light, I contacted Andrew Cartmel on Facebook and he said yes, and a representative from the BBC was in Swansea too, and gave us the go-ahead instantly. The whole project came together in about two hours!”

    Big Finish has revealed the casting of the Doctor’s new companion for the upcoming second series of The Lost Stories. The unmade Season 27, which was planned for production in 1990 but abandoned, introduces Raine Creevy, a young, sophisticated safecracker who joins the Doctor on his adventures through space and time.

    “Raine is sort of a beautiful flower growing on a bomb site,” explains script editor Andrew Cartmel. “Her father is a dodgy character with underworld connections in London, and her background is in that milieu. But her parents wanted her to have a different and better life, so she’s received the best education and been groomed for posh society. Of course, Raine being Raine she’s reacted against this and she’s developed her own taste for danger and excitement.”

    Brigadier Winifred Bambera, the no-nonsense UNIT leader from the 1989 TV story Battlefield, is returning to Doctor Who!

    We can exclusively reveal that Bambera returns in the upcoming second season of The Lost Stories, in Animal, written by Andrew Cartmel. Once again she is played by Angela Bruce, who was delighted to be reunited with Sylvester McCoy at the recording in April.

    Animal is a great, old-fashioned UNIT story,” says producer David Richardson, “in which Bambera and her troops are investigating some strange events at a university. And then the Doctor and Raine arrive…”

    The release schedule:

    April 2011 – Thin Ice by Marc Platt: “The Doctor and Ace battle Ice Warriors in 1960s Russia.”

    May 2011 – Crime Of The Century by Andrew Cartmel – “The Doctor meets his new companion, Raine Creevy, in London of 1989.”

    June 2011 – Animal by Andrew Cartmel – “The Doctor takes Raine to Margrave University in the year 2001.”

    July 2011 – Earth Aid by Ben Aaronovitch & Andrew Cartmel – “The Doctor goes undercover on an Earth starship in the distant future.”

    Earth Aid was originally intended, in 1989, to be Ace’s final story. Since these audios actually give Ace a departure, it calls into question whether these stories represent an alternate timeline, or if everything else (New Adventures novels, post-season-26 Big Finish 7th Doctor/Ace audios, etc.) is the alternate timeline.

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