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    For 24 hours, Big Finish is making three of its audio adventures available for download for only a dollar. [LINK]

    15 years ago, we kicked off our Doctor Who main range with an exciting multi-Doctor story The Sirens of Time, bringing together the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison), The Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) and the Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) for the first time ever.

    11 years ago, the Doctor encountered the Daleks in Jubilee, an acclaimed story from Robert Shearman, with a central premise of Dalek as an evil, conniving character that Robert used for the Daleks’ first appearance in 2005’s TV revival of Doctor Who.

    And 10 years ago, the Doctor took on popular foe The Cybermen in The Harvest, a contemporary London story that introduced a new companion and chilled the blood…

    From 8pm tonight, for 24 hours, each of these three stories is available for £2.99 on CD (with free postage anywhere in the world!), or £1.00 for a download.

    The prices for physical CDs works out to roughly $5.02 each. Sweet!

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