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    Big Finish has discontinued the forum at their own site. An excerpt from the lengthy note about this:

    It is becoming clear to us that, as a commercial company, the forum is becoming counter-productive. Rather than creating an enthusiastic and engaged community of people who enjoy listening to our productions, it is potentially turning into a forum for angry and polarised debate, which is already upsetting some listeners, spoiling their enjoyment of our productions and leading them to decide to part company with us.

    Of course, the vast majority of posts are good-natured, and much of what most of our listeners have to say is informative, humorous and helpful. However, we feel that the minority who intentionally or otherwise offend others and display levels of unacceptable prejudice bring into question the whole existence of the forum.

    In short… this sucks. Is there anything about Doctor Who audio dramas that’s worth getting this worked up about? As with any other forums I’ve ever seen implode, almost certainly not. It’s almost certainly the result of rivalries that started in their catch-all off-topic area – probably involving politics or religion, the most surefire polarizing topics anyone can imagine – carrying over into and polluting other areas.

    I would say that maybe they need to find a few trustworthy volunteers and “hire” them to babysit the forums by slipping them a few free CDs, but you know, I’ve been that volunteer before. It still wears on you. The turnover would be high – all the free Lost Stories in the world won’t change that.

    It just reminds me why I like my very quiet little meeting space here. As nice as it’d be to have a few extra folks… don’t ever change, theLogBook forums. Well, maybe your underwear, when appropriate.

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