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    April 1st would be an excellent time to stock up on any Big Finish Doctor Who you’re missing, because prices for U.S. listeners go up that day. [LINK]

    When Big Finish began offering digital download purchases over ten years ago, we implemented a pricing policy for our overseas customers at a 1:1 conversion rate. For example, if a UK customer paid £12.99 for a download, a US customer would pay $12.99 for that download. (Physical CDs remained priced with currency conversion rates applied.)

    At the time, download sales were a very small part of our business, and the high value of the UK pound in currency exchange rates made it difficult for many overseas customers to afford our products.

    However, in the intervening years the trend for downloading has dramatically increased. At the same time, the UK’s currency has fallen significantly in value and continues to face an uncertain future. We have also become aware of an increasing minority of UK Big Finish customer accounts using false overseas details to purchase downloads.

    The issue of pricing products for different markets throughout the world is a difficult and sensitive one, because of the variations in currency values and the assumptions and expectations in local, national markets. Different consumers in different parts of the world have different expectations about different kinds of products across the board. Put simply, what seems cheap, just right or too expensive in one country might not seem so in another, because of a number of complex factors, not least tradition.

    Therefore, we have decided that a change in policy is necessary because of the significant change in currency exchange rates and also because some customers have expressed to us that the 1:1 conversion rate is unfair.

    From April 1st 2019, all international pricing for digital downloads will be updated daily in line with UK currency pricing applied at the relevant conversion rate as shown on the exchange website Third party payment website rates may show a small variation to our guide price.

    All orders placed before April 1st 2019 will be honoured under the current pricing scheme.

    The thing about UK customers ordering through a US-facing proxy or VPN to get the lower prices is…wow. Shady. Just Shady.

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