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    This is actually a really good deal. Last time I re-upped the main range subscription for six months, it was $84. [LINK]

    A new pricing scheme comes into effect today on our main Doctor Who range, with a subscription offering a tremendous 30% off! Yes, it’s now 30% less to subscribe than to buy a CD or download individually, so to take advantage of the offer, head over to the main range page now!

    Subscribers get even more from today with the Doctor Who main range now offering 30% off when you subscribe.

    We’ve got some fantastic stories coming up, from the end of the current Sixth Doctor/Flip trilogy to more adventures with the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Hex and the Fifth Doctor undertaking a series of adventures with Nyssa, crammed with twists, turns, superb guest actors and the usual high productions standards you’ve come to know and love!

    And don’t forget you’ll still have access to scripts, extended extras and bonus stories as well, and you can start your subscription at any point from release 51 onwards.

    This only affects the main monthly Doctor Who audio series.

    Even if you’re just doing downloads only, that brings it down to $54 for 6 months. I can attest that monthly subs get bonus stuff like scripts, audio short stories that aren’t anywhere else on the site, and so on – well worth it. The price cut also extends to physical CDs ($105.89 for 6 months of CDs sent to you; you also get instant download access on release day while you’re waiting for the combined forces of the Royal Mail and the U.S. Postal Service to devise new and exciting ways to damage the jewel cases en route). 😆

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