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    Big Finish has been playing the shell game with their seventh Doctor releases lately, trying to conceal the main villain of the current McCoy “trilogy” (which barely features McCoy at all, since he’s been tied up with his contractual obligations to be a Hobbit). I think everything’s out in the open now, though…

    Black And White (pre-publicity cover left, actual cover right)

    Project Nirvana (pre-publicity left, actual cover right)

    Gods And Monsters (pre-publicity left, actual cover revealing the whole thing to be a sequel to The Curse Of Fenric right)

    They’ve done this on a few prior occasions (i.e. concealing Lucie’s return in The Resurrection Of Mars), but never to this degree.


    This one’s kinda interesting. Since the revival of the TV series, Big Finish has had to run all of its scripts, cover artwork, etc. past the TV series production office in Cardiff for approval, and there have been times when they’ve been asked to… change things. See if you can spot the difference here.

    So… I guess the TARDIS in its “naked” form isn’t a pyramid with Gallifreyan symbols on the side.

    Steve W
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    Well, for one thing the pyramid TARDIS is ugly as sin… another thing, it would make getting in and out of it pretty difficult no matter where the door is located. A blank cylinder is far more practical all around.

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    …but… can your razor blades sharp in the pyramid one!

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