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    Big Finish is unloading a lot of their back catalog stuff for fire-sale prices [LINK].

    Some of the better deals:
    Doctor Who soundtracks – all of the Big Finish music CDs still in stock, $15.95 for 5 CDs (!!)
    Doctor Who Unbound – all 8 releases in download form for $25
    Dalek Empire – all of the stories in the entire series on CD for $119.64
    Cyberman – all of the stories in the entire series as downloads for $30
    UNIT Season 1 set – $15 download, $31.90 physical CDs
    I Davros set – $15 download
    Sarah Jane Smith season 1 set – $30.31 physical CDs
    Sarah Jane Smith season 2 set – $15 download, $30.31 physical CDs
    Sarah Jane Smith entire series on CD – $49.45
    Paul “Avon” Darrow’s autobiography + audiobook of Terry Nation novel “Rebecca’s World” (read by Paul) for $20.74 (I paid more than that for his bio alone when it came out).

    They also have other stuff on clearance: Sapphire & Steel, 2000 A.D., Highlander, Bernice Summerfield… quite a bit of stuff.

    I bought some of this stuff new on CD when it first came out. As pricey as the full series of Dalek Empire might look, I think I paid that much to have the first 4-CD series shipped to me, never mind everything that came after. Oh, and the deal on the music CDs is unreal.

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