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    The Move was the band which effectively gave birth to ELO. In luring Jeff Lynne away from the Idle Race, Roy Wood was ensuring he had a close collaborator on his ambition to add a live string section to the Move. It was really record company reluctance that forced Roy to transfer that idea to a “side project” while he kept the Move going. But – stop me if you’ve heard this one already – having finished working with the Orchestra, Bev returned to the UK full-time and decided he’d restart a band he used to be in. And that band’s former frontman wasn’t amused. url=I’ll never work with Bev again]LINK[/url

    BIRMINGHAM rock legend Roy Wood has vowed never to work with former bandmate Bev Bevan again following a big clash over a new version of their 60s band The Move.

    The wild-haired rocker is furious at Bev’s decision to call his new group The Move, and go on tour in the autumn with former member Trevor Burton.

    Roy said: “I don’t want people turning up to these shows expecting me to be on stage because they’re going to be disappointed.

    “When The Move disbanded in 1972 we were at No 10 in the charts with California Man and I thought that was a good place to leave it.

    “This version of The Move has not got my blessing, to me they will never be more than a tribute band. I will never work with Bev Bevan again.”

    It’s easy enough for Jeff to say he hasn’t spoken to Bev in 30+ years – they live on different continents. Roy and Bev, however, live across town from one another. Gotta make bumping into each other at the bar or the grocery store a bit awkward.

    That article dovetails into another one at the same site/newspaper with this interesting quote [LINK]:

    “This version of The Move has not got my blessing,” Roy reveals. “I’d agreed with Bev that he could tour with a band called ‘Bev Bevan’s Move’ but I’ve now noticed that they’re being advertised as just ‘The Move’ on the websites for venues like Lichfield Garrick and Solihull Arts Centre,” says Roy. “I don’t want people turning up to these shows expecting me to be on stage – because they’re going to be disappointed.

    “But I don’t want to go to court like Jeff Lynne had to do to get the ELO name back from Bev.”

    I wonder whatever happened to Roy Wood’s new album from that second article? I can’t find any evidence anywhere on the interwebs that it ever came out. I’d still like to see, even if it’s just one track, one last Roy/Jeff collaboration.

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    Roy Wood’s reaction to Bev’s new Move band is interesting. My first impression is he is more laid back or acting like a hippy when he heard the news. I can just hear him now say “It’s not right man. That’s not fair” using a very hippy accent.

    Or perhaps he’s just naive about the business end of the music business. He says he doesn’t want to sue Bev to get the name back but maybe something else is going on? Perhaps Roy does not have a solid case to own the name “The Move” like Jeff did with ELO? Perhaps something transpired between Bev and Roy that made Bev think he had carte blanch to use the name as he wished? Maybe a document was signed or Bev heard what he wanted to hear from Roy and took off with it? Or maybe he is exactly that hippy I described and he really doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of a lawsuit and having to deal with lawyers. It’s totally unfair man.


    I imagne Roy and Jeff as being a lot alike, except Jeff can afford to throw more metric tonnage of attorney at these minor irritants.

    Roy was also not a founding member of the Move; he joined soon after it was formed, but he arguably has less stake than Bev or Ace Kefford (and possibly Trevor Burton); that could be where the metaphorical rubber meets the road.

    it’s okay, Roy – it’s November, “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day” is probably getting played at least once every two hours on the radio already and will ramp up to saturation airplay by the time there’s another Star Wars movie on the ground. Your annual ship is coming in!

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