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    Unless the original surfaces (it was left off of Secret Messages and has only been heard as a bootleg recording of the song being played on the PA system at a fan club function ahead of one of the “Zoom” concert appearances in 2001), this is likely as clearly as we’ll ever get to hear this.

    Following the poor-quality leak of the recording-of-the-recording-off-of-speakers-across-the-room in 2001, Jeff apparently vowed not to release “Beatles Forever”… well… forever. There is a Japanese Blu-Spec CD coming out at the end of the year reconstructing the original Secret Messages double album tracklisting (restoring songs like “Mandalay” and “Buildings Have Eyes” to where they would’ve been among the released tracks), and as usual – even though Beatles Forever is not listed as being on the CD – there are rumors flying that it may be a “hidden track”. (I remain doubtful.)

    In the meantime, enjoy?

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