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    It’s been issued – and sold out – twice before. It’s Bat and it’s back.

    LLLCD 1414
    Music by Nelson Riddle
    RETAIL PRICE: $15.98


    ORDER at on 11/8, starting at 12pm (PST)

    La-La Land Records, 20th Century Fox and Fox music proudly present the 50th Anniversary re-issue of our previously sold-out release of Nelson Riddle’s original motion picture score to the 1966 Twentieth Century Fox feature film BATMAN: THE MOVIE, starring Adam West, Burt Ward, and Lee Meriwether and directed by Leslie H. Martinson. Mr. Riddle’s propulsive, jazzy score exemplifies the classic 60’s incarnation of the beloved Batman icon and is the perfect complement to the film’s campy excitement. Produced by Nick Redman and Mike Matessino and edited and mastered by Matessino, this release of Nelson Riddle’s BATMAN includes the cue “Bruce And Kitka”, and features the bonus track “Submarine Battle,” in which Matessino cut together tracks to re-create the score to the submarine climax as heard in the film.

    NOTE: While the program and master of this release is identical to our 2010 edition, this reissue features ALL-NEW exclusive liner notes by John Takis and eye-poppingly Bat-tastic art design by Jim Titus!


    1. Acknowledgment/Main Title (2:31)
    2. Batmobile To Airport (2:01)
    3. A Good Job (2:22)
    4. Roger Wilco (2:45)
    5. Just Ring/Yo Ho, Sir/Let’s Find Out (2:21)
    6. Tricky Buoy (3:24)
    7. Torpedoes (2:35)
    8. Holy Polaris (1:01)
    9. Kitka (1:13)
    10. Dark Eyes (Source) (0:21)
    11. Plaisir D’amour (Source) (1:25)
    12. Bruce And Kitka* (0:44)
    13. Shades Of Smolensic (3:20)
    14. Jet Umbrellas (1:50)
    15. Filthy Criminals (1:34)
    16. Chamber 17 (1:14)
    17. Credulous Creatures/Fine Finkish Friends (2:19)
    18. Dehydrated (1:36)
    19. Stand Clear (2:10)
    20. Flee For Your Life (2:38)
    21. False Feathers/Swallow This Pill (3:19)
    22. My Very Paradise (2:06)
    23. The Grotto/A Stitch In Time (3:09)
    24. Emergency Operation (2:55)
    25. Small Craft (3:30)
    26. Attack (3:23)
    27. Take It In Tow (0:56)
    28. Vials (4:23)
    29. End Title (1:10)
    Bonus Tracks:
    30. “Again” (2:05)
    31. Submarine Battle (Edited Music) (4:37)
    32. Batman Theme (0:46)
    Total Time: 72:13

    From what I understand, this is as close as we’re ever likely to get to a soundtrack that sounds anything like the TV series – the music from that series is tied up in multiple-rights-holder hell (like the show itself was for decades) that none of the soundtrack labels can afford to lawyer their way out of…so the movie, also scored by Nelson Riddle, will have to do.

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