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    Early pre-production (1991) promo material for Babylon 5 has been posted:

    …though I really wish the whole brochure was scanned at a readable resolution.

    Very interesting original take on what the Vorlons were up to. 😯

    Steve WSteve W
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    Wow, that’s an outstandingly bad space station design. It has the look of those ’70s style sci-fi paintings that were in magazines like Omni and in books like the Terran Trade Authority. But the early B5 looks a bit more half-assed than those.

    I almost forgot that Delenn was originally supposed to be male. The Minbari were going to be sort of androgynous, but she was so feminine and Sinclair so masculine it just didn’t work to make the character a man. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t like Sheridan and his relationship with Delenn. She and Sinclair had an onscreen chemistry, something she and Sheridan didn’t have at all. It felt phony.

    Reading over the Lurker’s Guide, I never knew that Laurel Takashima was helping the assassin in the pilot movie, and that she’d be under some kind of control that would basically make her a bad guy later in the series if her character had stayed. Interesting.


    The actress who played Takashima left after the pilot movie, and I seem to remember her making some disparaging comments about B5 afterward. I had to giggle when she started showing up in stuff like Stargate SG-1 and Eureka, surely more artistically serious and worthwhile ventures. 😛

    We got Ivanova out of the deal, though, so I ain’t complainin’.

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    The title of this thread made me think that this was something recently uncovered, but the page was last updated in 1999. Not exactly recent.

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