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    To quote Dr. McCoy, this is damned irregular. AudioGo was formerly BBC Audiobooks, and publishes such stuff as the readings of classic Target Who novelizations and the Destiny of the Doctors series (whose actual production was farmed out to Big Finish). Additionally, Big Finish’s license to produce audio Doctor Who was negotiated through AudioGo, so there’s no telling how much hassle they’ll face now with script approvals, etc. [LIST]

    Audiobook publisher AudioGO has put its business operations on hold due to “recently discovered significant financial challenges”.

    Rachel Josephson, AudioGO’s head of marketing and sales, told The Bookseller: “I can confirm that AudioGO has temporarily suspended business operations whilst we seek an investment or a sale of the business.”

    She added: “There is a considerable amount of interest in AudioGO and we are hopeful of achieving a swift resolution. Protecting and respecting the rights of everyone that we work with is uppermost in our considerations and we are grateful for the fantastic support we have received from our colleagues throughout the industry.”

    Bath-based AudioGO has also confirmed it has sold its US arm Blackstone Audio back to Blackstone’s founders, who operate the US download site. Blackstone was acquired by AudioGO just 10 months ago for an undisclosed sum.

    AudioGO was set up in July 2010, when private investors bought out BBC Audiobooks. BBC Worldwide continues to own a minority stake.

    I wonder what fresh hell this is that they’ve closed down their site and can’t even take orders. A quick check of Big Finish’s website shows Doctor Who-related AudioGo titles still available there; still, it’s early in the day in the UK. It’d completely blow one of the more major 50th anniversary related projects if the final installment of Destiny of the Doctors isn’t available on time.


    And… yep… Destiny of the Doctors appears to be hosed, at least for the moment. Big Finish is vague in their latest news update:

    Doctor Who: The Time Machine: With AudioGo now in administration, we can’t comment further on this at the present time, but we hope to make an announcement soon.

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