An Ode To The Games It Took Us Forever To Finish

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    From Kotaku:

    An Ode To The Games It Took Us Forever To Finish (Or How It Took Me Over Twenty Years To Finally Finish The First Suikoden)

    This is about games that we complete, but take a really long time to get there. Sometimes, it’ll be a specific quest that deters my progress; I remember it took an extra long time for me to finish The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker because I got so annoyed by the Triforce search and how many rupees I had to collect. Some games were just too hard for me as a kid which is why I didn’t beat NES classics like Blaster Master, Batman, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles until I was a lot older. In the case of the first Parasite Eve, I really enjoyed the game on the PS1. But my memory card had a defect and when I loaded it up a few days into the mystery, all my save files had been deleted. I was so frustrated, I didn’t revisit the game for almost 15 years, but was glad to finally get through and face the horror a few Halloweens ago. There are instances where a game just didn’t resonate at a specific moment in my life. It took me a few attempts before I finished Lost Odyssey, but I’m glad I waited as the tale of immortality meant a lot more playing it when I did (I’ll be writing more about why in an essay this weekend).


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