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    From the official Jeff Lynne book o’ the face:

    The original motion picture soundtrack for American Hustle, due in theaters this month, premieres a new Jeff Lynne instrumental titled “Stream of Stars.” The soundtrack also features ELO’s “10538 Overture” and “Long Black Road.”

    All three songs are in the film, as well as Jeff’s brand new recording of “Clair de Lune.”

    Color me intrigued. I’d totally dig some new instrumental Jeff.

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    A Lynne version of Clair de Lune would be interesting. I just have Tomita’s version, which is awesome. I just looked at the Amazon entry for the soundtrack (Link) and I don’t see that particular song listed. I guess they won’t have it in that album? Bummer.


    If nothing else, he could rock it out, a la Grieg’s Piano Concerto In A Minor from the Secret Messages remaster.


    Here’s a stream of Stream Of Stars. I kinda liked it.


    A blurbish interview with the director of the movie. [LINK]

    Director David O. Russell tracked down Electric Light Orchestra leader Jeff Lynne while he was dreaming up the soundtrack for his 1970s-era movie American Hustle and asked him to part with a handful of unreleased tracks.

    The Silver Linings Playbook filmmaker had been told that Lynne would never hand over the never-before-heard tunes, but Russell was feeling lucky, thanks to his former post code.

    He explains, “He (Lynne) happened to have a song called Overture 10538, which turns out to be the zip (post) code where I grew up, which is a freaky thing. I never actually talked to him about that, but he loved the film and gave these unreleased tracks to us.

    “It’s magic to have classic-sounding songs, which have never seen the light of day. Long Black Road and (Lynne’s version of Debussy’s) Claire De Lune are tracks that have been sitting on a shelf for over 20 or 30 years. I love using songs that are overlooked and not to be taken seriously.”

    Surely that’s supposed to be “not taken seriously”… um… right?

    Long Black Road is hardly three decades old, either: it was the bonus track on the Japanese pressing of Zoom, released in 2001. No idea when Lynne’s cover of Claire de Lune was recorded. Or if it’ll be released. 😕

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