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    Alan Parsons has signed with Authentik Artists which will release a new single, All Our Yesterdays, worldwide on June 15 via most digital download sites. All Our Yesterdays is Parsons first new music since the album A Valid Path in 2004.

    In a rarity, Parsons is taking the lead vocal on the song with additional instrumentation by Simon Philips (Toto, the Who), Rami Jaffe (Wallflowers, Foo Fighters) and Nathan East (Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson)


    I’ve checked on Amazon (my preferred download source) and they don’t have it listed yet. Kinda sad that in six years all we get is a single, but it does get him in under the wire for 2010, along with Crowded House (releasing a new album next week). If Jeff Lynne pops any new music on us this year, it’s official, the world will in fact end well before 2012. (My holy trinity of rock is Lynne, Finn and Parsons (attorneys at law), in that order, and I’m convinced the world will come to a lengthy, drawn-out and biologically improbable end if they’re all active in the same year.)

    Steve W
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    Well, at least he’s more consistent than the band Boston, what with putting out an album once per decade and then giving up when the band members start dying off.


    I dunno, I can kinda respect that vs. replacing the deceased members with so many new folks that you practically become your own tribute band…


    And his new label’s already popped it on Youtube:
    All Our Yesterdays

    …and its instrumental B-side, which is a bit more flashy and what you’d expect from Parsons:
    Alpha Centauri

    The B-side is also the “theme song” from Parsons’ new DVD set, The Art & Science Of Sound Recording.

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