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    I will explain below why this will, in fact, be the real reason the world explodes before 2012.

    Alan Parsons has a new band. [LINK]

    Renowned award-winning producer/engineer Alan Parsons has created an enigmatic new group, SubClones, and is recording their debut album at LA hit-makers’ studio, The Village. Known for his enduring work with Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Yes, The Hollies, Al Stewart, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ambrosia and his own Alan Parsons Project, he is the man behind billions in record sales.

    After three years spent creating his new instructional 3-DVD series, “The Art and Science of Sound Recording”, to glowing reviews, Parsons is now working on his first major artist production since the mid-80s.

    “I feel that the public deserves some genuinely innovative music and It’s been a long time since I’ve heard some that truly excites me — it made me want to get back into the studio and do another ‘Dark Side’,” Parsons jokingly refers to one of the biggest selling and most popular albums in history.

    The identity of SubClones is presently a closely-guarded secret, but they are rumored to be known as well-respected, highly experienced and remarkably talented musicians. The dictionary definition of “subclone” is a clone or descendent of a mutant occurring in a previous clone.

    Parsons has been working non-stop in the music business since his teens. He started at Abbey Road studios working as an assistant engineer, was soon promoted to first engineer, and then quickly gained major success as a producer, as well. His career went full circle in 1998, when he spent a period as Vice President at Abbey Road. Since then, he has been recording his solo records and successfully performing in sold-out international tours. With the formation of SubClones he is once again back in the studio as producer.

    Their first 3-song EP came out in May and it completely flew under the radar.

    Why this will destroy the world: It’s a well-known and popular fact that if Jeff Lynne, Alan Parsons and Neil Finn release something in the same year, my head will explode to such a degree that it will destroy the entire planet. Tim Finn and Liam Finn have also released stuff this year, as have Lindsey Buckingham, The Cars, Ben Folds, Peter Gabriel… well, okay, Peter Gabriel’s stuff sucked this year. Scratch that. We got a legit release of The Black Hole this year. Really, all of that right there should be just about enough to wipe out the whole solar system. Neil Finn released an album with his wife as “Pajama Club” this year, while Jeff Lynne snuck a Buddy Holly cover into a multi-artist tribute album. They’re being all sneaky about it.


    Perhaps the world is safe.

    I discovered that I had enough Amazon store credit left over to buy the SubClones EP, and so buy it I did.

    It’s definitely not very Project-like. Not at all. I can sorta sense Parsons’ hand in their sound, but only “sorta.” Quite a bit more modern in sound, techno-rock that occasionally breaks out into a little bit of a rap.

    If I were to hazard a guess, I’d wager that SubClones is probably a band that includes Parsons’ son Jeremy, who also contributed to his dad’s last solo album (he did the remakes/remixes of “Dream Within A Dream” and “Mammagamma” on A Valid Path). Alan Parsons is very likely “only” the producer.

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