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    I think I’ve floated this idea before, but I still like it, if only for the potential humor value.

    Here’s what you do. Pick five ELO songs and five Alan Parsons Project songs.

    Stick Jeff and Alan in adjacent recording studios. Jeff covers Alan’s songs in current Jeff-style (rootsy and somewhat stripped down, but with a truckload of harmony). Alan covers Jeff’s songs in current Alan-style (electronica with a hint of blues, very very very produced).

    Then have both of them sit in the same room and listen to the results. Go in about two hours later and start washing the blood off the walls. Oh, and go ahead and release the songs. Set out some drip pans in case of blown minds.

    I think this would be hilarious and also musically valid. THE two big “rock star producers” of the ’70s – the guys who make production its own instrument. I wonder if they actually hang out and know each other. That would blow my mind.

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