A recent interview with Bev Bevan

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    Turns out he’s still drumming – a lot. [LINK]

    Today, Bevan is involved in two projects: Quill, and the Bev Bevan Band. Quill is a folk rock band, which is very different from Bevan’s early bands. Bevan plays drums on a few songs, but he mostly plays percussion for Quill. The Bev Bevan Band performs in a show called Stand Up and Rock. This show features Jasper Carrott, a famous stand-up comedian in Britain and a good friend of Bevan’s. Stand Up and Rock alternates between stand-up comedy from Carrott and music from the Bev Bevan Band.

    I can totally relate to this bit:

    They’re all fine musicians, but they’re all really nice people. Even our road crews are great. So, we make life as comfortable as possible. I don’t want any pressures anymore. I don’t want to be fighting with people and having arguments. I look forward to working. I’m never happier than when I’m playing gigs.

    Yep. Had enough politics and in-fighting. Just let me do the work. I get ya, Bev, I get ya.

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