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    It’s on eBay. Among soundtrack collectors this is known as an “FYC Promo” – a disc pressed and sent to members of the music branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences “for your consideration” around Oscar time.

    The track listing, according to the auction, is as follows:

    Legacy Open
    Recognizer Capture
    Disc Game Intro
    Rinzler vs. Sam
    Lightbikes Battle
    Quorra Saves Sam
    Flynn’s Flashback
    Sam Plans Escape
    End of Line
    Party Crashers
    Flynn Drops In
    Solar Sailer Alt.
    Clu Speech
    Recovering the Disc
    Portal Arrival
    Portal Climax
    Legacy Theme

    …which probably includes a lot of stuff that was on the official releases under “sexier” titles.

    But on the off chance that there’s stuff that wasn’t on the official release anyway… well, as you can see, it will cost a few dollars to make that determination. Sorry, guys, $90-$120 is approximately $100-$130 more than I have at the moment.

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