A lost Maxis “Sim” game has been discovered by an Ars reader

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    From Ars Technica:

    A lost Maxis “Sim” game has been discovered by an Ars reader, uploaded for all
    The clearly incomplete prototype can now be downloaded from archive.org.

    We at Ars Technica are proud to be members of video game archiving history today. SimRefinery, one of PC gaming’s most notoriously “lost” video games, now exists as a fully playable game—albeit an unfinished one—thanks to an Ars Technica reader commenting on the story of its legend.

    Two weeks ago, I reported on a story about Maxis Business Solutions, a subdivision of the game developer Maxis created in the wake of SimCity’s booming success. Librarian and archivist Phil Salvador published an epic, interview-filled history of one of the game industry’s earliest examples of a “serious” gaming division, which was formed as a way to cash in on major businesses’ interest in using video games as work-training simulators.


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