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    I am hoping to be able to budget for these sets after I get moved…or at least three of them, because they’re actually giving us characters who have never had action figures before.

    UNIT 1971 – the Brigadier, Mike Yates, and Sgt. Benton
    UNIT 1971

    Companions of the Fourth Doctor – Romana I, Romana II, Sarah Jane from “Genesis Of The Daleks”
    Go Fourth

    Friends & Foe of the Thirtheen Doctor – Ryan, Yaz, and a Judoon
    (Graham is already available as a single figure.)

    Second Doctor + TARDIS

    I’m actually starting to think it wouldn’t be completely outrageous to see a Susan/Ian/Barbara or Jamie/Victoria/Zoe box set in the future. Maybe even Adric/Tegan/Nyssa?

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    But wait… there’s more.

    Friends Of The Thirteenth Doctor – variants of Graham, Ryan, and Yaz
    13th Friends

    Terror Of The Zygons – Variant Sgt. Benton and a generic UNIT soldier. plus the Doctor in his…unique outfit…for this story only. (Zygons not included; they were available as figures in 2009.)

    Companions Of The Third & Fourth Doctors – variants of Sarah Jane (Monster Of Peladon), Romana I (Power Of Kroll), and Romana II (Horns Of Nimon)
    4th Friends

    Fifth Doctor + TARDIS – supposedly from The Visitation.
    5th TARDIS

    Dalek Collector Set #3 – from The Chase

    Dalek Collector Set #4 – from The Daleks’ Masterplan

    All of these supposedly available in late October.

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