Forum Rules

Our forum rules! This page is here to tell you that.

Okay, seriously, some simple rules here.

  • No real world baggage. There’s an episode of Doctor Who where a PA announcer on a space station forbids the use of “weapons or religion” – add politics to that mix and that seems like an awfully good recipe for keeping things civil. If you want politics, there’s Facebook or Twitter, or, you know, you could actually run for office or support a candidate and perhaps actually change the world. But that’s the real world. and its forums are intended to be a refuge from the real world. While comparisons to real world events or history may be inevitable in discussing some plotlines or stories, let’s not let it get out of hand. Political/religious debates with no basis in the material covered by the site will be stepped on quickly.
  • No personal attacks. Disagree with civility. We haven’t had flame war problems here…and we don’t intend to have such problems in the future.
  • No illegal activities. So you had to resort to nefarious means to get that last episode of something-or-other? Okay. Posting instructions on how to do it? Not okay. The forums are not a wretched hive of scum and/or villainy.
  • The grown-ups are talking. A few colorful metaphors may slip through from time to time. Dropping a F-bomb every third word is strongly discouraged (besides, how would grammar even work with that?), but bear in mind that the average age of the forum population at the time of this writing is in the mid-40s, so the odd colorful metaphor might slip out occasionally. If it gets out of hand, a mod will probably tap you on the shoulder.
  • Can I register here now? I couldn’t register in the old forums. Yes. This was part of the reason behind the software switch. Join us. Become one of us. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. You will adapt to service us. Wait, what was the question again?