Steven Bochco, writer, dies

Steven BochcoLegendary television writer/producer Steven Bochco dies at the age of 74. Widely associated with TV police dramas, including the genre-changing shows Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue, Bochco created numerous popular series, including L.A. Law and Doogie Howser M.D. He also had numerous genre credits, ranging from co-writing the 1972 sci-fi cult classic Silent Running (a very early entry in his career), to co-creating (with Harve Bennett) two 1970s TV iterations of H.G. Wells’ timeless story, The Invisible Man and Gemini Man. He also wrote an episode of the 1980s revival of The Twilight Zone, and created a series pilot, NYPD 2069, which aired as a one-off TV movie in 2004. (Another series pilot, Vampire, went no further than the pilot stage in 1979.)