Adam West, actor, dies

Adam West as BatmanActor Adam West, forever known to millions as the star of TV’s Batman in the 1960s, dies at the age of 88 after a short bout with leukemia. After years of paying his dues with guest starring roles, bit parts and commercial appearances, West beat out actors such as Lyle Waggoner for the role of Batman, but after three seasons on TV and a movie produced by the makers of the TV series, Batman had run its course, and West found himself battling typecasting, accepting work in subpar projects and returning to the role of Batman both as voice work (for the Super Friends animated series) and live action (the lamentable 1979 Legends Of The Superheroes specials). Voice work became a mainstay of West’s career, and he landed a long-running recurring role on Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy animated series.