George Clayton Johnson, writer, dies

Logan's RunWriter George Clayton Johnson, who co-wrote the 1967 novel Logan’s Run with William F. Nolan and wrote episodes of both The Twilight Zone and Star Trek, dies at the age of 86. As part of the legendary “Green Hand” collective of golden-age SF writers, Johnson penned his stories in the company of such fellow southern California writers as Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison, Richard Matheson, Jerry Sohl, Robert Bloch, and Rod Serling (who paid Johnson for his first produced television work). For The Twilight Zone, Johnson wrote such memorable stories as The Four Of Us Are Dying, A Penny For Your Thoughts and Kick The Can, and for Star Trek he wrote a monster story called The Man Trap, which became that series’ first aired episode. Logan’s Run was adapted into a glitzy big-screen romp – arguably the last major theatrical SF event before the age of Star Wars – in 1976.