Voyager begins filming: captain overboard!

Genevieve BujoldFilming for the two-hour pilot of the new Star Trek series, Star Trek: Voyager, begins on the Paramount Studios lot. On the second day of filming, actress Genevieve Bujold plays her first scenes as Captain Nicole Janeway, but filming does not go well. Bujold abruptly quits the series, sending the producers scrambling to cast a new Captain Janeway. Shooting is rescheduled so scenes without the captain can be filmed in her absence, but days later, production shuts down until one of the runners-up for the role, Kate Mulgrew, is cast in the role of Janeway. The delays put Voyager weeks behind schedule and badly over-budget, with a premiere date – also the first night of Paramount’s network – that can’t be moved.

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