The Enterprise’s new home?

Star TrekAn agreement is struck between Paramount Pictures’ television division and the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum (currently the Smithsonian Air Museum, which is planning the grand opening of its space-related exhibits for the bicentennial year of 1976) concerning the 18-foot, 275-pound filming model of the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek. Since Paramount foresees no use for the gigantic “miniature”, the studio agrees to donate the model to the Smithsonian as an exhibit – provided the Smithsonian foots the $500 bill for shipping. The model was originally built by Howard Anderson Co. in 1964 for the first Star Trek pilot, The Cage, at a cost running into tens of thousands of dollars. The Smithsonian plans to restore and display the model in its Space and Life exhibit, though years later the Enterprise will be “demoted” to a display near the museum’s gift shop.

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