Surveyor 7 lands on the moon

SurveyorSurveyor 7, the last of NASA’s robotic moon landers, comes to a smooth landing on the moon’s Tycho Crater. Packed with more scientific instrument packages than any of its predecessors, Surveyor 7 studies the amount of dust kicked up by its retro rockets during landing, and lands closer to its planned target than any of the other Surveyors. Another experiment involves a test to see if a laser beam originated from Earth can be picked up by Surveyor’s cameras.

The ‘480 Patent

Ralph BaerRalph Baer files the first patent for his Television Gaming & Training Apparatus, United States patent #3,728,480. The patent is assigned to Baer’s employer, government contractor Sanders Associates, and is the first patent filed for the design of a video game. Though Baer will eventually build, and sell the design for, the first home video game, the real reward to be reaped from this patent will be licensing: every company manufacturing a video game console will have to pay Sanders and Baer for the privelege of expanding upon this basic patent, and it stands up in numerous court cases well into the 1980s as the “pioneer patent of the video game industry.”

The Prisoner: Fall Out

The PrisonerITV broadcasts the 17th and final episode of The Prisoner, produced, occasionally written by, and starring Patrick McGoohan. Leo McKern guest stars as Number Two. Loaded with cryptic imagery that defies straightforward interpretation in the traditions of linear storytelling, the series finale confounds viewers to this day. In interviews given years later, McGoohan claims the outcry over this finale led to the end of his career as a writer or actor in the UK.

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Planet Of The Apes

Planet Of The ApesStarring Charlton Heston and Roddy McDowall, 20th Century Fox’s big-screen release of Planet Of The Apes quickly becomes one of 1968’s movie success stories, and easily one of the year’s two most influential genre films. Propelled into the future aboard a spacecraft from Earth, a trio of astronauts find themselves on a world ruled by sentient apes with no love of humanity whatsoever – for humanity nearly destroyed their world. The studio almost immediately sets the wheels in motion for a sequel.

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Doctor Who: The Web Of Fear, Part 2

Doctor WhoThe 193rd episode of Doctor Who airs on the BBC. This episode introduces Nicholas Courtney (who previously appeared in The Daleks’ Master Plan) as Colonel Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, leading the British Army’s fight against the Yeti in this story; the character will appear again as the commanding officer of UNIT, appearing alongside all seven of the original series Doctors. This story sees the return of the Yeti, now in the modern-day London Underground. Previously missing from the BBC’s archives, a copy of this episode was recovered in Nigeria in 2013.

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