Lawrence Montaigne as StonnDuring otherwise typical contract negotiations in preparation for the second season of Star Trek, Leonard Nimoy’s agent demands a significant raise for his client – a raise that could well break the back of the series’ already-struggling budget. In response, Gene Roddenberry, Desilu Studios and the show’s producers play hardball, firmly suggesting that Nimoy be satisfied with a normal raise, and they prepare to recast Spock or create a new Vulcan character to replace him. The show’s casting director suggests numerous potential replacements, including Mark Lenard, Lawrence Montaigne, David Carradine (Kung Fu), and Henry Darrow, among several others – all actors who are felt to have a “Vulcan look.” Nimoy – only later learning what demands his agent has made – negotiates his return to the series, while Montaigne is interestingly cast as Spock’s rival in the second season premiere, Amok Time. Henry Darrow will also don Vulcan ears, but not until Star Trek: The Next Generation’s first season.

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