Equinox 2015 edition!

theLogBook.com 2015 Equinox edition e-zine

theLogBook.com’s downloadable magazine-style e-zine is back! In the finest tradition of such bygone-but-much-loved publications as Starlog, Future Life, and Electronic Games, theLogBook.com ‘zine takes a deeper look at the shows, games, and universes you love, while also slipping in a few amazing looks at the discoveries we’re making in the real world along the way.

There are articles by Rob O’Hara (of Commodork and Throwback Reviews fame), Robert Parson and a convention report from Charles Pearson! Most of the material in this ‘zine is exclusive to the ‘zine.

This issue weighs in at a whopping 82 full-color pages, an 84 meg download that’ll take you back to the heyday of the early ’80s genre-specific periodical. We hope you enjoy it.

Right-click on the cover above or on this link to download it!
(The file has been tested across several devices, including portable devices and tablets, but pdf.js doesn’t seem to like it for online viewing.)

Also available – an alternate cover featuring our colorized version of that jaw-dropping new picture of Pluto!

theLogBook.com 2015 Equinox edition e-zine
Right-click on the cover above or on this link to download it!

If you like what we’re doing here, share, re-tweet, tell your friends, and spread the word. It’s a huge amount of work, but there’s nothing quite like the magazine format to tackle topics in-depth – and let’s face it, we miss the days when magazines actually existed on something other than the web.

Sure, you’re saying, lots of people have issues, but that doesn’t mean I want to download them. But our issues are really cool! They combine the best of the stuff you can already find on theLogBook.com with brand new content exclusive to the ‘zine. You don’t have time to peruse the entire site? That’s cool – we totally understand. It’s a big site. Our occasional free downloadable ‘zine brings you the best we have on offer in a slick, magazine-style package you can print out or download onto a tablet or e-reader and take with you. So go ahead… leave your issues behind for a little while and enjoy ours.

2014 Annual

theLogBook.com 2014 Annual e-zine

  • Was 1977 the year geekdom finally won?
  • Collecting the Star Wars Black Series figures
  • Flashback video game consoles reviewed
  • Classic SFTV guides: Fantastic Journey and Knights of God
  • NASA’s Orion Launch coverage
    …and much more!
    Much of this issue is original material found nowhere else on the site.

Spring 2012

theLogBook.com 'Zine

  • Reviewing the Star Trek soundtrack reissues
  • Inside Them: Do two Disney sci-fi favorites happen in the same universe?
  • Odyssey@40: the dawn of console gaming
  • Retro Active: Battle Of The Planets
  • Review: Star Trek: TNG in HD
  • Launch Aborted: Space Rangers
  • Do the Time Warp. Twice!
    …and much more!
    2/3 of this issue is original material found nowhere else on the site.

theLogBook.com Spring 2012 (7.61mb)
Editor’s notes

2011 Annual

theLogBook.com 2011 Annual

  • Doctor Who Series 6 Review
  • Power Surge: what really happened behind the scenes on Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future?
  • Radio Free Death Star: the making of NPR’s Star Wars radio series
  • Retro Active: Ark II
  • Movie Review: Space Battleship Yamato
  • The first Star Trek: The Next Generation computer game unearthed!
  • Reviews of the best soundtracks of 2011
    …and much more!

theLogBook.com 2011 Annual (6.63mb)
Editor’s notes

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