Star Wars: Jedi Council Cinema Scenes (2003)

Judging from the product shots, it looks like the most recent Star Wars Jedi Council three-packs contain repackaged figures. It’s a pity (but, in the current economy, probably a cost-cutting, inventory-clearing necessity), because the first two three-packs in this line were so refreshingly new.

Not really sticking to any one time frame, these Hasbro three-packs consist of two seats (with two seated characters and a third standing) from the movies’ Jedi Council scenes, dividing the circular Council room contingent into pie slices. One could, in theory, collect ’em all and wind up with the whole circle. (I’m sure that’s what Hasbro would like collectors to do, at any rate.) […]

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Wave 3 (1999)

Star WarsReleased simultaneously with waves one and two, the third wave of Episode I figures delved into relatively minor characters. Arguably, of the third wave’s characters, Boss Nass got the most screen time in the movie, which isn’t really saying a whole lot. Mace Windu was also highly visible, but sometimes I feel this was due to the character’s prominence in the two trailers that promoted the movie months before its release. […]

Star Wars Episode I: Wave 1 (1999)

Unless you were personally besieged on the planet Naboo on May 3, 1999, you know where everyone went at midnight. They went to department stores and toy stores across America to try to pick these puppies up.

Waves one through three were released simultaneously, and huge numbers of the toys were produced. Collectors who bemoaned the fact that they hadn’t kept their original Star Wars figures in the original packing in the 1970s now bought about half a dozen of each – unless, of course, they were attempting to clean out one of the more conscientious retailers who limited quantities out of fairness. Scalpers abounded during the first few weeks, with Darth Maul prized particularly because the figure was initially shortpacked. Poor Jar Jar, on the other hand, warmed the pegs in many a store for quite a long time, with the character already suffering from a premature fan backlash. […]