Tron 20th Anniversary Kubricks (2002)

An amazing blast of Tron nostalgia from Japan, these “Kubrick” playsets – a popular variety of novelty toys that resemble nothing so much as Lego men on steroids – offer the first miniature models of any Tron vehicles other than the light cycles. And that said, the light cycles kick butt too.

Each playset comes in a massive box adorned with authentic Tron artwork (right down to attributing the figures to being actual ENCOM products), and a fold-up lid held in place by velcro. When opened, the lid offers a window view of the items in that individual set. […]

Tron 20th Anniversary Toys (2002)

In late 2001, after years of it being a budget video title with a strong cult following, Tron was suddenly embraced by Disney as if it were the next big thing; a new special edition DVD was prepared, a long-overdue soundtrack CD was released, and quietly, behind the scenes, Japanese toy manufacturer Neca picked up the license to reproduce the cool toys that were originally produced by Tomy in 1982. […]

Tron Action Figures (1982)

Tron action figures - photo copyright 2006 
Earl Green / theLogBook.comHow do you merchandise a movie with such abstract imagery as Disney’s 1982 computerphile favorite Tron? It’s not easy, but Tomy figured it out. Rather than the traditional paint job, Tomy opted to mold the Tron figures in translucent plastic, painting on only the “circuitry” details of each character’s computer-world uniform. No characters from the movie’s real-world scenes were ever made. […]