Star Trek: VoyagerIn July 1999, Paramount Domestic Television sent out one of these nifty, scaled-down photon torpedo casings to those 200-odd stations which had finalized the contract to carry Star Trek: Voyager in nightly syndication. The torpedo contained two binders of promotional material, an open audio reel with radio spots, a CD-ROM with much of the same material as the binders, and a VHS videotape with examples of promotional spots for the show.

With all of that material inside (and no, I didn’t keep everything else, just the torpedo), the torpedo is a little over three feet long.

The torpedo couldn’t have been a cheap item to make, but then again, Paramount’s syndication wing had waxed extravagant in the past with such things as the Deep Space Nine: The Final Chapter kit. The bottom of the torpedo is very heavy plastic, while the top is a durable vacuformed plastic shell which lifts off to allow access to the compartments inside. A voice chip connected to a photocell loudly plays a Starfleet computer voice warning about “authorized communications personnel” whenever the upper shell is removed.

Star Trek: Voyager Promo Kit Torpedo
Star Trek: Voyager Promo Kit Torpedo
Star Trek: Voyager Promo Kit Torpedo

(A note for those who keep asking: thanks for your interest, but as of late 2000, I have sold this item.)

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