Action Figures Science Fiction Star Trek (Playmates)

Star Trek: The Original Series (1993-96)

Having enjoyed two years of tremendous success with its line of Star Trek: The Next Generation toys, Playmates released a marvelously-packaged set of seven figures in a window box with an interior modeled loosely after the Enterprise bridge. Unsurprisingly, the Classic Trek boxed set was an instant sell-out during the 1993 Christmas season, despite its …

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Action Figures Science Fiction Star Wars (Hasbro)

Star Wars: Power Of The Jedi Wave One (2000)

Hasbro found itself in dire straits in 2000. Having milked Phantom Menace for dozens of characters (and almost as many duplicates of existing characters, only in slightly different costumes or specialized poses), the toymaker found that many of the Phantom Menace figures were still warming the pegs in retail stores across the country. Fans were …

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