PREVIEW: The Eighth Doctor revealed… on eBay!?

Doctor WhoSomething that’s been beaten into the ground in several of the reviews of the classic Doctor Who figures this year is that we might just get a complete set of all eleven Doctors this time around. And thanks to a rogue eBay seller (don’t bother to go looking – the auction has already been pulled from the site) who apparently had access to a prototype, we get to see the final piece of that eagerly-awaited puzzle: the eighth Doctor, as played by Paul McGann.

Eighth Doctor action figureJudging from this photo of an obviously unpainted prototype, the sculpt on the eighth Doctor figure is actually spectacularly good, an excellent likeness of Paul McGann in his one and only televised appearance as the Doctor. His outfit is faithfully reproduced, and it’ll be interesting to see what color scheme is chosen: the costume seemed to lean toward dark greens in some scenes and dark blues in others, due to differences in lighting. It’s already known that the figure will come with a sonic screwdriver accessory, which looks like it’ll be gripped in his right hand. Smart money says that the eighth Doctor figure will be taller than the seventh Doctor (seen here in a leaked photo of a Seventh Doctor action figurefinished production model, still unreleased), even though Paul McGann isn’t significantly taller than Sylvester McCoy. Perception, by way of publicity photos, is everything, however – McGann’s figure will likely be taller than a scale model of McGann himself would be.

On a personal note, having recently had the time and the urge to rocket through the eighth Doctor/Lucie audio stories by Big Finish, I’m very excited seeing the figure of the eighth Doctor come that much closer to reality. McGann himself has referred to his brief stint in the TARDIS as being the “George Lazenby of the Time Lords,” and it’s an apt comparison. The open-ended nature of the eighth Doctor’s era worked wonders for audio and comic writers and novelists, and despite being way too old to actually be playing with these things, there’s something to be said for having yet another way to add to the eighth Doctor’s adventures.

No release date for the seventh or eighth Doctors has been set or announced.