Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer

Lego Star Wars Star DestroyerThe time had finally come. I had longed to get my hands on the Ultimate Collectors Series Star Destroyer, but that $300 price tag was an effective deterrent. No more. A quick order from (whose S&H is quite reasonable, I might add) and a week later a BIG box arrived in the mail.

I realized that I was in for quite a project when I opened the box and discovered four more boxes plus a 226-page spiral-bound instruction manual. The first task was to figure out a place to assemble this behemoth. Read More

Star Trek: The Motion Picture U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge

Star Trek: The Motion Picture U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge PlaysetSometime back, when I wrote and photographed the ToyBox article on Mego’s action figures from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, I regretted that I had no way to show everyone the cool – and rare – artifact of that toy line that was the U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge Playset. Now, thanks to a reader of who kindly provided several photos and information to me, you can see it. Read More

Blake’s 7: Liberator Die-Cast Ship

Blake's 7 LiberatorThe only actual toy to come out of the BBC’s sleeper hit SF series Blake’s 7, U.K. toymaker Corgi’s nifty little die-cast replica of the Liberator doesn’t disappoint. It’s a little odd to make a big deal out of a toy line that consists of a single toy, but if you, like me, regard Blake’s 7 as your all-time favorite SF show, then this one item zips straight up the list to the top of the “cool stuff” category.

The real problem in finding a l’il Liberator of your own? Finding one intact. Read More

Space Battleship Yamato DX II Model (2000)

Space Battleship Yamato DX IIY’know, when my friends take off for far-off places, I miss ’em, but there’s something to be said for when they send you Really Cool Stuff. And that’s what this month’s ToyBox review is all about.

This item is relatively simple – a nice heavy desk/shelf model with no moving parts – so I’m just going to let the pictures tell the story. If you’re even remotely acquainted with the vehicle in question, you’ll like this. Read More