Star Wars: Jedi Council Cinema Scenes (2003)

Judging from the product shots, it looks like the most recent Star Wars Jedi Council three-packs contain repackaged figures. It’s a pity (but, in the current economy, probably a cost-cutting, inventory-clearing necessity), because the first two three-packs in this line were so refreshingly new.

Not really sticking to any one time frame, these Hasbro three-packs consist of two seats (with two seated characters and a third standing) from the movies’ Jedi Council scenes, dividing the circular Council room contingent into pie slices. One could, in theory, collect ’em all and wind up with the whole circle. (I’m sure that’s what Hasbro would like collectors to do, at any rate.) […]

Star Wars: Star Tours Wave 1 (2002)

Star Tours keychain - courtesy of John LivingstonOne of the most consistent Walt Disney World attractions since the late 1980s, Star Tours is a motion simulator ride based on the Star Wars universe. Set in a strangely cheerful (and decidedly unofficial) storyline parallel to Return Of The Jedi, Star Tours takes a “spaceship” full of passengers on a sightseeing tour of the third moon of Endor – or at least that’s the idea. There’s just one problem – the droids driving that ship aren’t quite the professional pilots you’d like if you happened to be a paying passenger on that ship, and when you add to that the fact that the Empire seems to have built a second Death Star at Endor and is now engaged in a decisive battle with the Rebel Alliance in the space above the moon, well, naturally mayhem ensues.


Star Wars Episode II – Wave 1 Droids (2002)

Star Wars Episode IIAnyone who’s read Toybox for any significant amount of time knows that I’ve got a thing for droids. Be they R2 units or Daleks, there’s something fascinating about little plastic robot replicas. And this wave of Star Wars Episode II figures certainly fits my droid collecting bill.

Of course, you can’t kick off a new range of toys for a new Star Wars movie without R2-D2 and C-3PO, and this line of figures is no exception. […]

Star Wars Episode II – Wave One: Jedi Knights

Star Wars Episode IIThe first wave of action figures from Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones is so big, it really needs to be broken up into different groups – and the biggest group represented in the first 27 figures happens to be the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy, the Jedi Knights. As you may or may not have seen or heard by now, Episode II features a Jedi gathering that takes place in a much more hostile environment than that of the council chambers on Coruscant, and this first wave includes plenty of figures designed expressly to recreate that scene. […]

Star Wars: Power Of The Jedi Final Wave (2002)

Star WarsAhhhh, the Power of the Jedi. As awkward and out-of-place as was the name of Hasbro’s oft-maligned range of Star Wars figures with no specific movie in mind, I think it’s sometimes shortchanged by the fans and collectors who are overlooking the unique and eagerly-awaited characters it brought to our toy shelves. […]

Star Wars Episode II: Preview Wave (2001)

Star Wars Episode III’ve been going out of my way to not go out of my way to learn too much about Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones. I have seen the trailers, but I’ve been staying right away from the spoiler-heavy fan sites. This time, I want to find out in the theater.

Once again, however, I have succumbed to the urge to buy Hasbro’s “sneak preview” figures. Whereas last time we got Mace Windu in the mail with an appropriate number of proofs of purchase and receipts, this time we get four new characters slyly released on the current “Power Of The Jedi” packaging (though those actual words are conspicuous by their absence) in retail stores everywhere.

By the way, if you’re trying not to be spoiled about anything, best to hit the back button now. […]

Star Wars Episode I: Watto’s Box Cinema Scene

Star Wars Watto's Box Cinema Scene - photo copyright 2000 Earl Green / theLogBook.comMan, I need to get myself into a Star Wars flick someday.

That way, even if I show up for about ten frames of film, I’m almost guaranteed to have an action figure. Need proof? Check out one of the most recent Star Wars Episode I Cinema Scene box sets, “Watto’s Box.” Specifically, Watto’s Box refers to his box seat at the Boonta Eve pod race, which he shared with some really odd company. […]

Star Wars: Power Of The Jedi Wave Two (2001)

Star WarsFor the second wave of the retitled, all-encompassing Power Of The Jedi figures, Hasbro turned to an interesting mixture of fan requests from the original trilogy, new Episode I characters and a few revamped versions of previously released characters, and several revisitations of the original Kenner line. […]

Star Wars: Expanded Universe (1998)

Star WarsWell, “Shadows Of The Empire” sold, so why not? Actually, truth be told, I was more than happy to snatch up as many of the scarce Expanded Universe action figures as I could, while I never even considered the “Shadows” toys seriously. The Expanded Universe characters originate from the novels and comics that appeared in the early 1990s, and even a couple of figures from the Dark Forces video game. […]

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Wave 5 (1999)

Star WarsIt’s hard to write a page on the fifth wave of Episode I action figures when they proved very hard to obtain in some areas. I don’t even have photos for all of them. This wave didn’t arrive until September and October 1999 in most markets, and it’s a good thing too – this wave’s version of Anakin is a huge story spoiler for the movie, if one understands the significance of his new haircut. […]