Star Trek Micro Machines

Star Trek Micro MachinesMuch like the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, which didn’t think to nominate Star Trek: The Next Generation for an Emmy until its final season was coming down the home stretch, it seems that the toymakers of the world didn’t clue into the popularity of TNG until well over halfway past the midway point of the series. Playmates struck gold, launching an extensive line of TNG action figures and accessories in 1992 (a line which later grew to encompass every other 20th century Star Trek series), leaving Galoob’s early line of action figures – launched and discontinued before the show’s second season – mostly forgotten. But Galoob got back into the Trek game with its legendary Micro Machines plastic miniatures. […]

Star Trek: The Next Generation Shuttlecraft (1988)

Star Trek: The Next Generation Shuttlecraft - photos copyright 2007 Earl Green / theLogBook.comThe only figure-scaled vehicle to see the light of day during Galoob’s brief license to produce Star Trek: The Next Generation action figures, this Shuttlecraft Galileo is a faithful reproduction of the impossibly-aerodynamic, futuristically curved Enterprise-D shuttles seen during the show’s first two seasons on the air.

Based on the gorgeous shuttle design devised by Andrew Probert, this shuttle – scaled to seat only a few of the 3 3/4″ Galoob Next Generation figures – gets most of the major external details right. […]