Blake’s 7 1979 Annual

Blake's 7 1979 AnnualPublished by the same outfit that was turning out Doctor Who “annuals” at the time, the Blake’s 7 1979 Annual is a curious snapshot of the BBC’s eyebrow-raising marketing of what was supposed to be an adult science fiction drama series.

It’s even made clear, in the opening pages which introduce the characters to young readers, that some of Blake’s crew are murderers, thieves, and embezzlers – this is fairly stout stuff for kids. […]

Blake’s 7: Liberator Die-Cast Ship

Blake's 7 LiberatorThe only actual toy to come out of the BBC’s sleeper hit SF series Blake’s 7, U.K. toymaker Corgi’s nifty little die-cast replica of the Liberator doesn’t disappoint. It’s a little odd to make a big deal out of a toy line that consists of a single toy, but if you, like me, regard Blake’s 7 as your all-time favorite SF show, then this one item zips straight up the list to the top of the “cool stuff” category.

The real problem in finding a l’il Liberator of your own? Finding one intact. […]