PREVIEW: The Eighth Doctor revealed… on eBay!?

Doctor WhoSomething that’s been beaten into the ground in several of the reviews of the classic Doctor Who figures this year is that we might just get a complete set of all eleven Doctors this time around. And thanks to a rogue eBay seller (don’t bother to go looking – the auction has already been pulled from the site) who apparently had access to a prototype, we get to see the final piece of that eagerly-awaited puzzle: the eighth Doctor, as played by Paul McGann. […]

PREVIEW: Star Trek (2009 movie)

So, via USA Today this week, Playmates Toys has leaked the first product photos of their items from the upcoming Star Trek movie. It’s an interesting cross-section to say the least: the figures are in multiple scales (though it seems to be clear that only one of these scales will have any significant number of characters in it). Let’s see what’s up in the world of Trek toys these days. […]